Beatport Number #1

When we launched UDGK Records in April in the midst of a global pandemic, we of course, had long term goals for the label.

Releasing tracks from our talented family of DJs was another way to support them and the next logical step for the Kollektiv, we wanted to complete the triangle of Radio – Label – Events

However, not in our wildest zoom management meetings, did we think we’d bag a global top 40 release and a Beatport genre #1 within 6 months!

Tom Harrison’s “Origin” ep, featuring techno remix by Chael has rocketed up many Beatport charts, peaking at #1 release in the Techno (Raw/Deep/Hypnotic)

We caught up with Tom and Chael after the success

Tom told us,

“Origin started out as an experiment to create a track out of the building block sounds from early UK house, rave, jungle techno and acid vibes. Less synths and sample packs and more old school sampler tricks (the pads are a resampled tom drum). Mike (Chael) is one of our UDGK producers who’s always up for sharing ideas and we were chatting about different techniques and – in the age of stems and bullshit ghost productions – he loved the way the way the track was pulling on those core fundamentals – plus it sounds wicked on a big system!

Then the Chael remix drops in my inbox and it blows the original away: a deep, dope flow of techno goodness! It takes that palette of sounds and works in a real groove, poise and purpose.”

This is our 11th UDGK release in 5 months and each artist is bringing something fresh and enabling the next to get a little boost along the way. Seeing UDGK artists remixing each others work and getting such a great level of success is really inspiring.

Chael on the collaboration,

“I was really happy to be working with Tom on a release since the original is such a great track. It’s something we spoke about at one of the UDGK gigs and I found it really refreshing to take a slightly different approach to the overall vibe. To see both versions do as well as they have is a massive testament to what the kollektiv is all about and how far we have come. I for one can’t wait to see what our members create next”

With a Various Artist compilation due in the next few weeks, along with further EPs due, UDGK records hope to add to their first beatport number one spot!

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