Spacenavigator (Stuttgart , Germany)

Jens Herzberg aka Spacenavigator
DJ since Decades, Jens discovered the electronic side of music
very early loving the synthesizers of 70s and 80s rockbands like in
the Manfred Mann’s Earthband CHANCE from 1980. But even
before he was fascinated by the electronic sounds of Jean Michel
Jarre, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.
In the 80s Bands like Human League, Depeche Mode and Ultravox
were on his way. With his project NEW DIMENSION and the title
STUTTGART SCHWARZ from 1985 he still has a dark New Wave hit,
which is still played today. In the middle of the 80 he begun to play
DJ on parties of friends and started first resident jobs at Discos in
Stuttgart. The time of EBM and Acid House took place and was
followed by Techno and Trance. Jens and friends were present at
Berlins Loveparade the whole90s long. Playing on Raves and
Parties as at Clubs from that time on.
His music style today is mainly progressive House and Tech House
straight on and sometimes chilly, influenced by artists like Brejcha,
ArtBat, CamelPhat and Morttagua. He is a club lover but nothing is
better than outdoor since the golden days of Belin’s Loveparade.
Sometimes he also likes to play classic techno and trance sets
from the 90s with a lot of Cosmic Baby, Sven Väth and Energy 52
as Jam and Spoon.
You can listen to the TECHNO! series at Mixcloud

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