Moon Finder

NO music NO life

Non profesional Dj natural from southern Spain (1983), world traveler and tireless seeker of new sounds. Lover of electronic since 1992 (The birth of The Prodigy), special lover of broken rhythms and with a predilection for Indie Dance actually, where the bass driven melodies with great groove make a continuous journey in his sessions.
The variety of diferents styles in the same session normally at their natural BPM and their ability to make a trip in each one of them is the essence of Moon Finder.

Sound Lines:

Indie Dance, Electronica, House, Techno, Progressive, Deep House, Deep tech, Nu Disco, Bass House, Dark Disco, Acid, Slow Tech, Minimal, Synth Wave, Downtempo, Slow Techno, Melodic House, Peak Time, Tech House, Slow, Ambient, Garage, Breakbeat, Bassline, Old skool, Hardcore, Nu Skool, Big Beat, Jump Up, Drum and Bass...

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