FATmango (Vilnius, Lithuania)

FATmango is a ghost. He used to be a human, but a wicked witch stole his soul. Since then, he lives trapped between electronic music, insomnia, and the loneliness that arises when the lights go out and people have left.
In short... FATmango is a ghost that can only find joy when the music is loud and people are unstoppably dancing.
His human body was born in 1976 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela, but he has always traveled the world. After many years residing in Barcelona, Spain. FATmango is currently in Vilnius, Lithuania, although it may be somewhere else tomorrow.
He's an old school dj who learned to mix on vinyl but is also happy with all music on a flash drive. In musical terms he has mixed almost all styles of electronic music, but now he is very comfortable playing genres like indie dance, electrohouse, dark disco, synth-pop, synthwave, EBM, electro disco and everything that goes along that way.

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