CeeKay (Peak District)

Originally from East London now living in the Peak District overlooking Manchester CeeKay (Craig king)  an avid electronic music fan, party goer, vinyl collector, dj, producer and promotor.

With roots from the London dubstep,garage and house scene, he has been on a journey through sound for over 15years dancing throughout the UK and internationally seeking out sounds and scenes, experiences and connections. Ceekay has an ecleptic ear for all things techno,fast, raw and Rhythmic which you will see in his radio recidency 'DIE SOLIS' for undergroundKollektiv which is climbing charts on Mixcloud every fortnight..

Normally found on Manchesters dancefloors supporting local and international artists and getting involved in many events throughout town , he really cares about the scene and the places and people it includes, promoting parties helping venues and raising funds through parties for various charities, 'campaigning at the SAVE OUR SCENE is one of the best things I've ever done dancing freely in the streets with 10000s of people was energy unfathomable by words'

He devotes Spending his free time following the scene and connecting with other like minded headonists.

'I'm really enjoying the journey through the vastness of electronic music Learning, creating and connecting along the way'

'catch you at the front '

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