Abribass (Berlin)

Once upon a time ABRIBASS got born in Venezuela. His enthusiasm for music started when he was 9 years old, participating in the national children's symphonic orchestra.

New continent- New music

Back then, besides falling in love with Europe, fresh 20 years old ABRIBASS discovered his real fervor: Beeing a DJ- most pathbreaking decision ever since. ABRIBASS started his career as a DJ in Mallorca’s raving scene with a special taste for house, tech-house and technobeats. Moving to Berlin and mixing unique combinations not only of songs, in fact creating cultural overlapping beats, was the key to his current success.

Now days, cooperating with international DJ's, freshen up the Berlin underground scene, he found his one and only love and passion,He was behind the decks at venues like Spindler & Klatt , AVA , Cheshire Cat , Sauer Mutter , Edelweiß, Crack Bellmer . He gathered a lot of experience spinning records at various corporate events, bars and hotels in Berlin, Greece & Spain, He is a regular dj at the Fashion Week in Berlin and the host of his podcast called Abrisounds Radio

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