Aaron French (Sacramento)

Found House Music in 1997 at The Underground shop in North Highlands, CA, after hearing about a party that went down in San Francisco (Wicked, I believe). House proved to be a very uplifting, non-aggressive, and non-depressing new music genre that was highly underrated. Was very, very intrigued by the United DJs of America and Global Underground DJ productions. Listened for about 7 years every chance I could possibly get (approx 11,000 hours of ear time between 97’ and 04'). Yes, I was the guy strollin’ thru Arden Fair Mall slammin’ house beats in my headphones because IDGAF.

...I started mixing on my own in 05' learning and applying by way of ear on a Numark CDMIX2, years before sync button technology.

Last, my basis on selecting and using tracks is if they sound good, and that’s it. Get lots of tracks from MF.

…long live MF.

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