Festiv Kollektiv – Dollar (22/08/21)

Continuing a strong representation in Belgium our very talented DJs will be playing Dollar starting at 3pm till 12am.

Headed by Wsly, come down and see Eve, Mika Stenberg and Fille V for some cracking tracks and good times.

More details can be found here

We celebrate the end of the week with some guest DJ’s of Underground Kollektiv: EVE, FILLE V, MIKA STENBERG & WSLY

They will fill your Sunday with some of the best groovy, tekkie & melodic sounds of the moment.

Come & join us in the amazing Somersby Garden at the Dollar!

Great people, food & music guaranteed! 

Vier samen met ons het einde van de week! EVE, FILLE V, MIKA STENBERG en WSLY zorgen voor de zomerse, tropische housy groovy sounds in de fantastische SOMERSBY GARDEN van The DOLLAR.