Meet the DJ – YouKnow

Youknow is a man of very few words, English is not his first language – here’s what he had to say.

What was the very initial moment that made you wanted to make and play music to the masses?

The first time I went to a party.

What was the first record you bought and why?

Prodigy – Fat of the Land on Cassette!

When did you realise you were becoming a music junkie?

In my childhood, so far I really love music

How many records/tunes do you think you have currently?

10000 – 20000 don’t know 100 %

Who would you say your main musical influences are? Either a person, style of music, group etc 

The sounding of The Prodigy

What was your first gig?

6 years ago.

How did it go?

Well ?

What’s your DJ Name?


Give us a little bio of you – hopes, dreams, goals

Youknow aka János Kovács is a Hungarian Dj / Producer member of the Udgkollektiv Radio. He met electronic music on the early 90’s. He Learned mixing form Vinyl in the starting of 2000’s and he made music since 2005. In the first time this was only a love & hobby for he but since 2013 Youknow playing his friend’s gigs and since 2015 he playing his own event what called DEEP FIELD and made with his mate Substah. Youknow think one genre takes the color of a mix so he playing various genre in his Dj sets. Since 2018 Youknow releasing his music on Lupa Afrika Production , Tomorrow Comes , Ole Records…… Youknow loves Deep House , Dub Techno , Deep Techno , Techno , Tech House , Afro Tech , Afro House , Liquid Drum and Bass , Some Neuro funk and Old School Breakbeat. He think music is only love for he.
Anything else you want to add?

Nothing , thanks


And there we have it, man of few words but banging tunes – you can tune in to YouKnow or catch up on his past mixes