Meet the DJ – Mat Matthews

What was the very initial moment that made you wanted to make and play music to the masses?

Probably at uni. I was working lighting at night stood next to the DJ and wanted to do what the DJ did. Now I can 🙂

What was the first record you bought and why?

Unsure if they’ve been arrested by Yew Tree yet 🙂 I recorded a lot off the radio in the 90’s. Used to setup a tape on a timer and we could just get key 103, so that got setup so I had things to listen too on my paper round so I didn’t tend to buy singles. First album was The Prodigy Fat of the Land, on CD. Great album.

When did you realise you were becoming a music junkie?

Probably early 00’s. I’ve always had a massive collection of CD’s and MP3’s. I remember the original Napster before it went legal. Also, file sharing on a uni network was how to get masses of MP3’s. All of this is alleged and it was all from a mates experiences……

How many records/tunes do you think you have currently?

No idea. I think about 30GB but most are of poor quality.

Who would you say your main musical influences are? Either a person, style of music, group etc 

Dunno. I’ve listened to a lot of trance, but I don’t play that much. Mainly because I don’t want to get bored, but then also 140BPM at 10am on a Sunday isn’t good 🙂 I’ve listened to a state of trance since episode 3 when it was all in Dutch. That got me through my placement year in Germany. I started playing house and tech house after listening to mix cloud and finding random sets. I try and make things interesting and avoid the playing one track into another, it’s a bit boring standing still for 3 mins before you mix the next track in.

What’s your DJ Name?

Mat Matthews

Give us a little bio of you – hopes, dreams, goals

I work as a software developer for a genetics company. We have sites from Seattle to Wellington, NZ. It keeps me busy and I have to travel a bit for work every now and again. I’ve got a daughter and a wife so I have to keep them happy too. It’s not all about getting new gear all the time (although, I do like to get new stuff :)). Goals, I want to play a festival at some point, but mainly, I’d just like to play some tunes that I want to play and people have fun listening.

Fun Facts?

I once cooked fried rice at a service station for little and large when I was a teenager. 🙂