Travano (Northern Ireland Portadown)

Hi everyone want to say first its a privilege of being a DJ Member of Underground Kollektiv who have given myself a platform to express my Music.
Not only so but to the listeners who love Techno and all other types of Genres.
Im originally from England and now located in Northern Ireland. There has always been music in the family my Uncle Alan Winstanley was the main producer of Madness and the likes of David Bowie etc My father use to play non stop Jean Michel Jarre when I was growing up and dance music and has grew with me. Techno Ambient Melodic Minimal Progressive all flows through me to give a unique style of sets to produce.
It is my dream to be a Festival Event style DJ who will give you energy and carry you through the set leaving you something to remember. Also love the chill out Tech that will inspire you and will give you a sense of peace. I came into the business started performing in bars and other venues locally back in Feb 2019 .
Always wanted to be a DJ but life has twists and turns. It was only to few years ago when I was on holiday went into a bar took over the sound system and in a few days the owner had to extend out into the street while all the other bars emptied . So got a huge inspiration and returned home and here I am few years later.
Let the Music flow and Dance. DJ Travano

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