Sagethacat (Calgary, Alberta Canada)

Sagethacat discovered dance music like so many of his generation, via the sounds of the early EDM boom. SHM and Afrojack struck a chord with him early on. Yet it was hearing the Lil Louis’1989 classic “French Kiss” that truly set the tone for his love of house music. By the time he experienced house music on a large system while at a festival in Europe he was hooked. He had finally experienced dance music the way it was intended. He set his sights on absorbing everything he could from the culture.

Sage returned to Canada inspired to immerse himself if all aspects of dance music. He dove into DJing, became active in his local scene, and started creating. And while he has made every effort to spread the good word of dance music, his most impactful work has been as an artist. It’s clear his most impactful work has been as an artist. He’s thrown down on the decks with some of the best in the business including Eli Brown, Roger Sanchez, Defunk, and Wax Motif. And his releases are quickly gaining steam.

Sage’s sound unites lush synths and dark thumping basslines with a hip-hop sensibility and body shuffling beats. He’s found a cross-section of his various influences. Growing up on a strict diet of hip-hop and rock helped inform his swag. But his decade long love for dance music has created a deep knowledge of the groove. His rolling bassline funk fueled beats have caught the attention of label heads and dancers alike with appearances on Sheppard Records, Moonlight Records, and Late Night Munchies.

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