Intergr8 (Glenrothes, Scotland)

MarkE & VickyD started their love of dance music from a young age, when the stars aligned and brought the couple together in June 2020 they decided to learn the art of DJing together.

Mark had been brought up as a youngster with soulful sounds and in his 20’s enjoyed going to raves, but had always loved deep house too.

Vicky had a passion for the dance scene and had attended many festivals such as Global gathering. She was influenced by DJs such as Steve Lawler and appreciated well produced tracks and the kind of mixing “that takes you on a journey”.

For both of them, music was always a huge part of there lives and helped them through the tough times. When they met and started dating they would sit outside in the summer evenings listen to music and enjoying each other’s company, which within a short period of time they came to realise that their musical tastes were very similar.

Within 6 months the couple bought a set of pioneer decks and started on a quest to become Dj’s that would not only inspire others but also give many people enjoyment from the sets they would produce. It was September 2021 that Mark plucked up the courage to apply to Underground Kollektiv, using a set he had dedicated to Vicky. To say the least he was in a state of shock when they accepted it as he knew the talent and experience of the Djs on the station was phenomenal. Vicky had always known he had a natural talent and a good ear for great music, and mixing, however, Mark always thought she was being a little “Biased” but once UDGK had also recognised his talent, along with other DJ friends, Mark felt like he belonged and has since had the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd, which again, Vicky said “he was a natural performer and very charismatic behind the decks”.

It was Mark who encouraged and guided Vicky in learning the art of using Digital Decks as she had only used Vinyl in her 20’s before she lost a large part of her hearing due to a virus. Due to health and family commitments Vicky was only able to put in a fraction of the time in compared to mark, but with his help and encouragement it wasn’t long before Vicky felt ready to apply to UDGK herself and was accepted. It felt like, once again, that the stars were aligning for them both, and their dreams of a collaboration finally
happened and Intergr8 was finally formed.

Vicky and mark hope to bring the Magic of their relationship to the sets they produce, and hope to inspire others, that with the right mind set, love and collaboration anything and everything is possible.

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