PsychE (Glenrothes, Scotland UK)

Having a passion for house music, DJ Mark E spent most of his days following house music DJs in Scotland, which led him to the good old days, attending events in Scotland such as the Rhumba and the Rezerection. He often listened to Soul & Funk as a youngster which was influenced by his parents, and he now incorporates current remixes with funky grooves and rifts in some of his sets. DJ Make E was a late bloomer into the world of Mixing for which he has a natural talent for, giving him the confidence to take his DJ journey as far as he can go. He has been fortunate to have had contact with other DJs to help develop his mixing skills, which has brought him this far in a short space of time. He hopes that some day, in the coming years, that he will be privileged enough tobe playing to a crowd of house music lovers at a big club or festival, mixing Deep House, Progressive, Funk and Nu Disco. With some Psygressive and Melodic tech.

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