GABE! (Kykotsmovi, US)

From the small village of Kykotsmovi in the whispering red mesas of the Hopi people, GABE! curates his tracks. Gabriel Fredericks is a Queer Indigenous artist based out of the US. He is a graphic designer, videographer, and a DJ. When he isn't in the dusty plateaus, Gabriel is out there on the dance floor, molding new playlists, or exploring the underground IRL and online.

GABE! 's selection consists of Hard Techno, Break, Footwork. Ghettotech, and numerous rave tracks. His sound is inspired by his Indigenous upbringing and the sounds of emerging Queer and BIPOC artists in scene. Through rave stabs, heavy percussion, and ass bumpin' bass, GABE! will guide you into the underground forged by the "other". Catch the evolution of his sound on his Underground Kollectiv show, NUVA, every Tuesday at 9PM (GMT).

and as a reminder...
"You're groovin' on STOLEN LAND."

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