Derek_Davidson (Falkirk, United Kingdom)

Multi-genre DJ from Falkirk, Scotland.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of the mid-90s, Derek emerged as a passionate trailblazer. Inspired by the infectious rhythms and electrifying energy of the era, he embarked on a musical odyssey that would forever transform his life. In 1995, a fateful purchase ignited his journey: his first set of decks. Driven by an insatiable desire to become more than a mere observer, he plunged headfirst into the art of mixing, eager to not just listen to the music but to actively shape its narrative.

He took a long break from the decks but reignited his passion for music during Lockdown in 2020 like many others started live-streaming and playing on internet radio, captivating listeners with the finest Progressive House, Melodic House, and Techno tracks from every corner of the globe.

Latest Shows: