Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt (Sheffield)

The Rt Honourable Christophe Quinlivan Hunt, Minister of the Department for Trance & Techno in Her Majesty's government. A DJ/Producer based in Sheffield & Resident DJ for Experience Trance & part of the Underground Kollektiv.

In his mixes the Minister brings the best trance & techno tracks that have been filed with his department each month as well as bring you classic tracks from the Department’s archive.

The minister doesn’t just deliver a Trance & Techno set of all the recent releases just because they’re new, you get mixes that are full of sensory packed contrasting tunes that will leave your feet itching to dance.

The Minister’s USP is his incredible ability to completely remix and mash up tracks live and on the fly with his customised Traktor S8 mixer and two Traktor 2D's combo, creating the worlds first Traktor Kontrol S12.

The minister is currently producing new music and, as well as being part of the Underground Kollektiv, he has a monthly residency with the Experience trance brand, part of Experience music. There he joins a roster of exciting up and coming trance DJs and producers, David Nimmo (Nocturnal Knights, High Voltage), Gary McPhail (Regenerated, Monster Pure) Eric Zimmer (Redux), David McQuiston (Element Digital) & NoSo (Deep In Thought).

The minister is no stranger to performing live, having won the opportunity to play live at the BPM DJ show 2021.

Want your crowds’ feet to be itching to dance? Then vote for the Minister and he shall deliver as per his manifesto promise. Still on the rise, be on the lookout as he continues his journey.

The minister wants to hear from you, connect with him on his social weapon of choice, Instagram.

The minister will see you now.

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