Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt (Sheffield)

Introducing the Rt Honourable Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt, Minister for Trance and Techno in His Majesty's Government.

Christophe hails from Sheffield, UK; the epicentre of modern trance and spiritual home to Gatecrasher. Artist, hedonist, spiritualist, vinylist — Christophe proudly represents Steel City music heritage and pushes it to new creative heights.

Renowned for his ability to completely remix and mash-up tracks live and on the fly with his customised Traktor S8 mixer and two Traktor 2D's combo, Christophe has been gaining traction in Sheffield and beyond. His high-octane live sets fuse contemporary releases with classics and little-known gems from his collection.

As a resident DJ for Experience Trance & Underground Kollektiv, Christophe hosts a popular show The Department for Trance and Techno which showcases upcoming DJ producers and established names including Danilo Ercole & Steve Dekay. At Experience Trance, he joins a roster of emerging trance and techno DJs and producers.

Recent highlights include winning the opportunity to perform live at the UK BPM DJ show 2021 and a debut mix on the virtual rave island of Nowhere World.

The Minister is working hard for you in the department's studio, producing uplifting trance. He has recently unveiled four Boris smashing mixes that would make Guy Fawkes green with envy… with past and forth coming releases on Tranceformer, Galxaia, Rated, Juiced, Infected Digital, Nashwa Music & Radiation Recordings.

Want your crowds’ feet to be itching to dance? Then vote for the Minister and he shall deliver as per his manifesto promise.

The minister will see you now.

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