Chael has never been afraid to buck the trend and push the boundaries of what goes into putting on a performance. His hybrid DJ sets incorporate traditional DJ techniques with hardware instruments and has gained recognition amongst fellow DJs and audiences alike. With releases on Underground Kollektiv Records, Mini Vibe Records, TwistedVintage Music and Darkground Records his productions have consistently appeared on numerous Beatport charts.
Since Chael’s early days he has been heavily influenced by the darker side of electronic music which is evident in his DJ and production style. After playing on Housefreqs Radio he picked up the DJ’s DJ of the year in 2017 earning recognition from his peers for his live weekly Isolation Radio show which has gathered thousands of listeners each week. As well as being a regular on the bill for Underground Kollektiv events Chael has appeared on regular guest slots for Consistent Radio (Netherlands) A Darker Wave (UK) and a released mix compilation for the MTDN Audio series.

Latest Shows: