Boondock is the unrestricted euphonious escapade of Eloy Stroek

His musical story finds its roots in Weert, a neighboring city of Eindhoven, where Eloy’s granddad teaches him how to handle an old-fashioned tape recorder. This turns out the be the foundation for his indisputable passion for music and the technology behind it, as releasing mixes, based on the same principles as recording a tape, will later become part of his ever-evolving act.

Attending drum classes, Eloy’s interest for rhythmic music grows bigger. At younger age, most of his presents are related to music and for the primary school musical he gets to be the mixing panel operator. His parents frequently buy him compilation CDs, with which he can discover his own taste within a wide spectrum of various genres. Remarkably, electronic dance and hiphop become his favorites, and still are nowadays, as he wants to discover new music within these styles on a daily basis. Doing this is made easier by the early possibilities of the internet and its new ways of sharing music. And it is because of the internet that he gets to know the art of turntablism and starts practising the digital form of it.

Buying an all-in-one starter mixer from his first earned money, Eloy knows this profound hobby will become a great part of his life. By learning the basic skills of mixing and sharing his recordings with local organisations, it doesn’t take long before he promotes a local event at his school by performing in front of his fellow high school students during lunch break. Thanks to this event and other local performances, people get to know him as a DJ and bigger undertakings soon follow.

Multiple collaborations with professional artists and agencies lead to performing at festival stages and indoor events. Self-organised dance events take place, DJ contests are won and club residencies come about, as Eloy keeps on developing his personal brand. This results in launching his latest concept, appearing under the name of Boondock, a multi-disciplined DJ act that takes the crowd on a surprising journey through sound.

The meaning of Boondock originates from the Phillipinean word ‘bundok’, meaning mountain. After the Spanish-American war it is used by soldiers and finds its way into the common English language. Musically ‘the mountain’ is a form of build-up used to rise the energy during a DJ set and symbolically a DJ can be seen as a “mountain” rising above the crowd. Adding up that dance music played a big peacemaking part in post-war areas such as Berlin after the Cold War and Beirut after the Lebanese Civil War, the history of the word philosophically relates to the evolution of underground dance music.

Act-wise, Boondock stands for an energising, uplifting and joyful musical experience with a good sense for crowd interaction. By playing with different energy levels he knows how to control the vibe and build tension for explosive peaks. Strategic track selection and preparations add extra spice to his sets and make them worth remembering, as he is always in search of new sounds to use for his upcoming performances.

The future looks bright and the possibilities within the world of music are endless. Eloy is therefore ready for all new challenges ahead. With his focus on producing and releasing new music, he is enthusiastic when it comes to joining new collaborations with event agencies, club owners and fellow artists. Knowing all this, Eloy is certain that the best is yet to come.

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