2CBeats (London)

I’ve been hooked on dance music from an early age back in the early 80’s listening to soul, then electro before good ol’ house music came along and the rest is history!!! I started treading the streets of London visiting discerning purveyors of vinyl when I was about 13 years old back in 1988. I used to play out a fair bit in the late 90’s/00’s in places such as The End, Club UK, The Gas Club, Camden Palace, The Cross, Bagleys, Chunnel Club to name a few and also at various illegal warehouse raves, basically anywhere that would allow me to play my underground squelchy twisted acid basslines and banging beats. Then normal life took hold and next thing 15 or 20 years fly by! Recently I’ve started to get my mojo back due to the advent of digitalism and the amount of amazing music that’s out there.

For those that pop by and lend your ears to my sets I’m very thankful and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy stitching them together.

Latest Shows: