Alias - msol / mr.K / concentric / good-gov /

"Everynow and then we are all forced to take on a new challenge or place ourselves in new surroundings and company. Life can move at a ridiculous pace with changes taking effect in a blink of an eye".

"For me music is the answer, it holds an ominous power of colour, sound, feeling, emotion and memories. But most importantly it has the ability to make time stand still".

Those who know the Yorkshire based DJ / Producer know to expect the unexpected. His studio productions are certainly out of the ordinary. Weaving between lazy summer sounds, lush soundscapes, electronic and deep hypnotic territory. His label msolnusic-sounds is a delightful insight into his broad musical mind.

msolnusic’s quality productions are closely matched by intoxicating DJ performances, often providing unique deep flavours combined with soulful electronica & disco influenced vocals. A bit of a technological virtuoso.

LATEST EPISODES of 'rez-uh-neyt' radio show