Menace started out in a field in the middle of nowhere outside the M25 in a rave called Equinox, given a box of records and no knowledge of how to mix he went with the tunes he knew and was hooked from that moment on. Playing at a number of raves and warehouses across the south east he spent a year in Ibiza 1988 perfecting his trade, DJing and partying hard. 

Back in the UK saw a residency in the Drum Club in London and a number of gigs at Camden Palais, the Rocket and beyond. 

Very much into anything with a groove, some pianos and wailing women Menace plays a variety of uplifting funky house, disco and the odd bit of old school to remember where it all started.

Available for the odd gig every now and again as long as it's fun!

LATEST EPISODES of 'The House that Menace Built' radio show