Kay Jeweler

Ambient, Acid, Deep, Disco, Electronic, Minimal, Techno

Kay Jeweler - Dj from Oakland, CA who was first introduced to the house scene after a trip to Europe. After experiencing the underground culture, Kay returned to the US enlightened, and started producing & experimenting with various types of music and sound. New opportunities began to present themselves, including joining the Housefreqs collective, allowing Kay & other creatives to communicate ideas with one another. Kay Jeweler is the co-founder of a community organization called Social Hour, which provides a platform for local artists and creatives to connect with one another. Art shows, community events, dance, music and culture bringing people together to make the world a better place. Kay Jeweler tries to communicate this through DJing. "My main goal in music is to provide a listening experience that takes the listener to the time & space I was in when recording the music. Music is transcendental, and brings us together."

- Kay Jeweler


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Find out more about Kay Jeweler at: https://www.instagram.com/_kayjeweler/

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