Fille V

Progressive House, Deep House, Progressive Trance, Techno, House

Fille V is a progressive/deep house/ melodic techno producer & DJ from Belgium. He focusses on creating a deep, progressive and mystical sound with an addictive melody to keep it interesting.

Fille V, who started playing music (guitars, drums) in 2005 has an obsession for all genres in music and a big love for deeper styles. This makes his sound unrestricted, unconfined but deep & catchy.

EP's released on: Bonzai Progressive, Midnight Coast, Massive Harmony Records, Box4Joy, AH Digital, Absurd State, Aeriform, Lincor, Incepto, Clinique, Mystic Carousel, Incepto, 3XA, Addictive Sounds, Hot Cue Music, etc...

LATEST EPISODES of 'Ritual Grooves' radio show