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Classic House, Deep House, ElectroPop, SpaceyTechhouse,...

Mr.DeeepBassus is a Deephouse dj, playing downtempo tunes up to the electric build-up tracks of spacey techhouse, continuing over to deep acid, groovy beats and soulful vocals, all mingled up with some 80s with a twist. Mr. DeeepBassus can present a history of dance music from the 80s till now... you could say he is an "all-round" underground dj. A passion for music and deep vibes.

He's considered to be an old-school dj. Perfect for party people that remember the warm good old times of the clubs like 55 (Kuurne), Catacombes, La Demence, Natural elements etc. Basically the vibe that started in the second summer of Love Ibiza 1989 and the likes. 
Parties were people danced, and didn't have to look at the dj. ;)  - a Moodsetter !

SECOND alter-ego Le Maître D. is into on New Wave, Wave, Electropop,..
Radio Show:

*dj duo: Mister and the Kid, if you like TechHouse, progressive space house.
*Le Maître D. - New wave and Electro pop seletion
*BackTrackDaddies - Smashing DJ-Producers.

Some gig references
Concept owner of: Luid Gefluister, Goesting, PirateMoods, Faro-in-Field Clubbing
Resident of Houselicious, R.O.P and 55,, Club Karma, Cabo, Søndag, New Wave Living etc.

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Talk to me when you see me ! ;)

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