Black Chef


Black Chef is a Lesotho born upcoming Techno DJ/Producer, who is currently living in South Africa. Black Chef fell in love with DJing in 2011 at high school, but things started to happen in 2015 a week after he wrote his Matric exams, that’s when everything came together. 
He started off as a House head, playing House everywhere. 'Afro Tech House, Deep House, Soulful House, Tech House' was the best to play because that’s what everyone loved at that time. A year after the start, Black Chef met the guys 'YoungnMan' & 'ReJazz(Re.Craft)', the Oldest 'Techno Dudes' . Late 2016 they formed a Trio called 'Techno Dudes'. That’s when he was introduced to Techno Music… from there he fell in love with the machines! Since then Techno took part of every genre.

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